Lu has a passion for helping businesses and individuals plan for their futures. She is on a personal quest to educate and protect individuals from the things that happen in life we didn't plan on. Helping you find that area that is missing in your portfolio is extremely crucial.

 As a Specialist with Financial Concepts of America, she can provide clients with financial security & living benefits. She is Speaker, Financial Wellness Writer for Thriving Women in Business Magazine as well as an Advocate for  Individuals & Small Business Owners.

She is a former small business owner,  Co-Chair of the Award Winning  Women's Lifestyle Committee for the LAX Chamber of Commerce and proud member of the Santa Barbara Business Network.

Working the Los Angeles, Ventura to Santa Barbara Areas and Arizona.

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~Balance ~ Life ~ Educate ~ Network ~ Dream~

Blend2Day is about

 As a Speaking & Networking Brand, it is all about financial literacy.  As financial wellness specialists, we are advocates for abundance in all areas of your life.Health, Wealth & Spiritual Calmness.  We believe in creating an alliance in business to allow a referral system to naturally grow.

Our Products

 The area of expertise we work in is building you plans to create tax- free income streams for your future, by taking advantage of IRC Section Code 7702A. (this  does not interfere with social security or college scholarship funding for children.)
Also, creating a custom plan that can be combined with your tax-deferred plans and will guarantee that you will never outlive your money.    

In the case of an unplanned health crisis, knowing that you have an income to provide you comfort, care and most important the options to choose without depleting your savings!

The most misunderstood myth about Health Insurance is people thinking it covers everything.