Let's talk.Women's Financial Wellness Seminars

Blend2Day is a Speaking & Networking Brand​ As financial wellness specialists we are advocates for abundance in all areas of your life. Health, Wealth & Spiritual.
* Providing women with education and product that can change their lives for the better. Growth not Loss!
* Speaking Engagements for your office, groups or individuals.

Lu Casillas is a Certified Coach specializing in taking you to the next level of your life. What's Your Dream?

Office Presentations

* Educating men & women in additional financial avenues to enhance their future finances.

Wealth Preservation for Business Owners
* Helping a business owner create an exit strategy is our passion. This can also include a Buy/ Sell
Agreement that will also help with employee retention.

​​Living Benefits
* Living Benefits are important for everyone. Our country has never had so many people aging at one time. It is a first in history.
In the case of a medical emergency having a pot to pull from with out bankrupting your family is invaluable!

Tax- Free Income
* Taxes are only going up. What is not being talked about is your right to have income that is tax - free, protected  by the IRS.
Better yet, a lifetime income attached!   


401 k Rollovers / Annuities
*  Do you have  a retirement plan sitting with  a past employer?  Did you know that we can create a rollover plan  that will provide you an 
income that is  not subject to losses and fees? You may not be aware that your money is volatile by letting it  sit there. We can help.

What do you dream for your child?​
* Young adults graduating from college are in debt today. Statistics show that the idea of a first home  is inconceivable. 
We can create a plan at a young age that will create future tax-free income, one that can provide financial security. Ask us.

CPA  & Tax Attorney Advantage
* Our company has a special program just for you. Let's talk.

Helping the Community
* We are the Financial Literacy Educators for The Los Angeles Downtown Women's Center, providing women with the 
 tools to start over.
​* Speakers and educators for Women called Moses in Dallas, Texas. providing support and planning for women rebuilding their futures.

​Services & Products